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Dr. Youdin practices existential-humanistic therapy.  This theory focuses on one's life experience coupled with one or more themes, be it a struggle with happiness vs. unhappiness, interpersonal relationships, life vs. death, sexual expression vs. asexuality, or any other life dilemma.  This type of therapy focuses on a person's issues and conflicts that are derived from interpersonal experiences in his or her environment, the interpretation a person makes of these experiences, and a person's ability to foresee a future.  Dr. Youdin envisions a person's ability to shape his or her life as a balancing between one's choices and intentions with one's heredity and environment.

Dr. Youdin views the people he works with from a strengths perspective.  Rather than seeing a person as pathological or sick, he views symptoms as a sign of weakened resiliency to the psychosocial forces of one's life experiences. When these forces overwhelm a person's resiliency, he or she loses a purpose to move forward with his or her life. Without a purpose, a situation of being stuck occurs which creates an existential vacuum.    Finding oneself in an existential vacuum, a person will use a purpose substitute in lieu of purpose, or positive forward movement with his or her life.  An existential vacuum is considered to be a symptom of the failure of resilience to bio-psycho-social stressors affecting a person rather than psychopathology emanating from a disease process within the brain.  There are five types of purpose substitutions: addictive, social, morally good, social status seeking, and unfulfilling engagementREAD MORE .......



Dr. Youdin provides training workshops to mental health agencies and clinics throughout the United States and Europe.

Existential-humanistic psychotherapy is a process of a person trying to improve his or her life as an authentic self through the experience of the therapeutic relationship. Dr. Youdin helps people through individual, family, or group psychotherapy.  READ MORE .......





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